BRIDGE-Projekt – Building resilience to reduce polarisation and the rise of extremism

ufuq.de is partner of the European project BRIDGE – Building resilience to reduce polarisation and growing extremism (January 2019 – December 2020). The objective of the BRIDGE project is to understand the dynamics of polarisation, to raise awareness among local stakeholders and strengthen their capacity to reduce collective vulnerability to radicalisation by way of mitigating and managing polarisation.

Prevention Work: Showing Alternatives to Salafism

Cover Plan B 2019

The aim of preventive work is to create alternative offers that counteract the appeal of Salafist discourse and show real prospects in society. Participation in society needs to be more attractive than total withdrawal into an exclusive umma, argues Götz Nordbruch (ufuq.de) in this article.

Transforming schools into labs for democracy. A companion to preventing violent radicalisation through education

Cover Companion

TThis companion formulates recommendations to envision schools as ‘labs for democracy’ that would provide sustainable responses to radicalisation. It aims at improving teaching methods and adopting institutional structures to strengthen teachers and schools as facilitators who will build and strengthen democratic values amongst students and empower them as active citizens.

Prevention Work in Schools: The Kids Are All Right

Experiences of discrimination and marginalisation are widespread among young Muslims in Germany. Mistrust and exclusion create a climate in which radicalisation becomes possible. Jochen Müller stresses the importance of addressing these issues in education.