What we do
Main tasks of KN:IX
1. Monitoring demand and trends

Islamism is a dynamic phenomenon. P/CVE strategies must develop with these changes and respond to current needs and new challenges. KN:IX promotes the transfer of experience and expertise between practice and theory: knowledge gained from those working in the field of prevention work and also current scientific research. These observations and analyses are processed in the network for prevention practice.

2. Analysis, evaluation, development

Prevention as a holistic societal challenge requires people from different fields to work together. This means exchanging ideas about different manifestations of the phenomenon, but also discussing professional standards, the understanding of roles, and methods of those involved. Based on the results of the needs and trend monitoring, KN:IX offers a framework to reflect on and develop approaches and methods that are used in the different fields of P/CVE.

3. Transferring knowledge and practical experience

KN:IX promotes professionalisation in P/CVE strategies and advises professionals and institutions on appropriate preventative measures and supports their implementation and evaluation. This includes developing aids and methods for their everyday use—for example in schools and youth work, or in prisons.

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KN:IX is coordinated by the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft religiös begründeter Extremismus (BAG RelEx):
Jamuna Oehlmann (jamuna.oehlmann@bag-relex.de)
Rüdiger Hamm (ruediger.hamm@bag-relex.de)

Contact ufuq.de:
Dr. Götz Nordbruch (goetz.nordbruch@ufuq.de)

Contact Violence Prevention Network:
Gloriette Kargl (gloriett.kargl@violence-prevention-network.de)

KN:IX was created in 2020 and is funded by the federal programme “Live Democracy!” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

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