Porträtbild Alioune Niang; Bild: privat Alioune Niang

Alioune Niang serves as an educational assistant for the Protest, Provocation and Propaganda project. He studied law at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar as well as history and Romance studies at the University of Bremen.

For the association Arbeit und Leben (Bremen), he was involved in adult civic education with a focus on Africa and perceptions of Africa in Germany. He also works as a consultant on the topics of Islam and migration for various institutions. He was a board member of SCHURA Bremen, the umbrella organization for Islamic organisations in Bremen.


Porträtbild Dr. Andreas Eickelkamp; Bild: ufuq.deDr. Andreas Eickelkamp

Dr. Andreas Eickelkamp is responsible for press and public relations and for the website. He is a trained journalist and holds a doctorate in communication science.

Eickelkamp has experience with daily newspapers, magazines and online services. He was responsible for the press and public relations of the non-governmental organisation foodwatch, worked for the German Press Agency/dpa-Infografik and for the federal programme “Live Democracy!” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.


Porträtfoto Aylin Yavaş; Bild: Nilgün AkıncıAylin Yavaş

Aylin Yavaş is coordinating the project “How do we want to live?” in Berlin and majors in social sciences at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Among the key focus areas of her work are anti-Muslim racism and discrimination as well as racism in language and in the media. Moreover she is actively involved in campaigns directed against anti-Semitism among youths.


Birgit Mayr

Birgit Mayr works as an office executive in the department in Bavaria.

After studying Business Administration and Spanish Linguistics, she worked in consulting and in team offices, as well as volunteering in educational work. After the child-raising phase, she now supports the office in Augsburg.


Portrait Canan KorucuCanan Korucu

Canan Korucu is research associate and coordinator of the project „Bildmachen – Politische Bildung und Medienpädagogik zur Prävention religiös-extremistischer Ansprachen in Sozialen Medien“.

She studied Education, Gender Studies and Islamic Studies in Berlin and has worked in non-formal education with youngsters and adults on racism and inter-religious dialogue. As research associate, she has previously worked in research projects at University of Bremen and lectured on questions of diversity and power relations related to migration, gender and Islam.

Her current research focuses on anti-discrimination work in education and the use of online-narratives in prevention.


Corina01 Corina Flaig

Corina Flaig is an educational research assistant at’s Bavaria Office. She coordinates workshops and seminars in the areas of youth prevention and refugees and works as an event organiser.

Flaig earned a degree in educational sciences with a focus on adult and continuing education, intercultural education, and civic engagement. She worked as a counsellor for the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Friedenspädagogik (AGFP Munich), as a caregiver for unaccompanied refugee minors for AWO Augsburg, and as a drama teacher for EduLift Kathmandu.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-03 um 09.23.52Deniz Kaynak

Deniz Kaynak is a certified social pedagogue (Diplom-Sozialpädagogin) and has designed and implemented educational concepts and projects for municipal migrant education programmes. Kaynak is currently on parental leave.

She has conducted empowerment seminars and advanced training seminars to enhance the quality of children and youth development work in migrant organisations. Moreover, she has helped these organisations to network with actors from the municipal and independent education landscapes. She has offered workshops on dialogic approaches and also worked with Muslim women as part of her dialogic work with parents.

Kaynak is a trained organisational consultant and coach and offers advanced training in the areas of diversity management and the promotion intercultural awareness. She coordinates the “How do we want to live?” workshops and is responsible for guiding their content, methodology, and development.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-03 um 09.25.31Dr. Götz Nordbruch

Dr. Götz Nordbruch is a social scientist and scholar of Islam as well as a co-founder and co-executive director of

Nordbruch served as a research associate at the Institut de recherches et d’études sur le monde arabe et musulman in Aix-en-Provence and at the Georg-Eckert-Institut – Leibniz-Institut – for international textbook research in Braunschweig. From 2008 to 2011, he served as an assistant professor at the Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies at the University of Southern Denmark.

His work focuses on youth cultures in Islam, racism, and Islamism, the use of media by young Muslims and migrants, as well as the prevention of radicalisation in education. Until March 2020, Nordbruch served as co-head of the national umbrella organisation Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft religiös begründeter Extremismus.


Jenny Omar

Jenny Omar is a social pedagogue/social worker and coordinator of the project „Wie wollen wir leben? (How do we want to live?)“. She is responsible for refining the methods of the workshops and the education and coaching of the Teamers.

She studied social work in Hamburg and Berlin. During her studies she researched experiences of racism and anti-muslim racism among young people.

Jenny Omar has been working in the field of civic education since 2011. As a social worker she specializes in working with refugees.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-03 um 09.28.58Dr. Jochen Müller

Dr. Jochen Müller is a scholar of Islam and co-founder and co-executive director of

Müller was active as an editor and author for many years. Since 2007, he has devoted himself to the topic of Islam and Muslims in Germany. His main interests – and the focus of his work – are colonialism and North-South policy, Middle East conflict, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Islamism and Salafism in Germany, as well as Islam in the context of schooling.

He is particularly active in providing training for educational professionals – including advanced training – on Islam, youth culture, and Islamism prevention. He advises schools and youth centres on how to deal with questions concerning social diversity, Islamophobia, and Islamism.


Julia Schwieder-Rietdorf

Julia Schwieder-Rietdorf is an educationalist and geographer who studied elementary education in Hamburg. She works as an educational assistant for the Protest, Provocation and Propaganda project where she is responsible for the areas of elementary and primary education. Schwieder-Rietdorf is currently on parental leave.

Her work priorities include methods and theories of intercultural education and youth cultures. She acquired extensive experience working with children and youths while doing freelance work in Hamburg-Altona and volunteering at “Welcoming Classes” for refugees at a comprehensive secondary school in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. She also headed a children’s cooking school in Berlin.


Karin01Karin Gruber

Karin Gruber serves as the administrative office manager of’s Bavaria office.

She trained as an employee at the city council of Augsburg and worked in this field for five years. After a period of time dedicated to the education of her children, she received additional training and specialised in the fields of IT and HR. She worked for several companies before joining in 2016.


Porträtbild Lina Najmi; Bild: ufuq.deLina Najmi

Lina Najmi studies social sciences (M. A.) at the Humboldt University of Berlin and is a student assistant in the project “RISE – Youth Cultural Responses to Islamic Extremism“. Previously, Najmi studied political science (B.A.) with a focus on peace and conflict research at the Free University of Berlin. She gained experience in political education work at the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) in Berlin, the German Society for International Development Cooperation (GIZ) in Rabat and most recently at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Nairobi.

She is currently researching anti-Muslim urbanism, border regimes and (right-wing) populist discourse as part of her master’s thesis and is a fellow of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.


Porträtfoto Maral Jekta; Bild: Florent AffourtitMaral Jekta

Maral Jekta is a research associate in the project “RISE – Youth Cultural Responses to Islamic Extremism”.

Until 2016 Jekta was responsible for the NGO “Media in Cooperation and Transition” as project manager for international media development projects in the context of conflict prevention. From 2011 until the end of 2012 she was involved in the establishment and management of the coaching, consulting and training institution “Media Academy Iraq” in Iraq. Most recently, Jekta was responsible there for the project “Journalism against Propaganda”.

Her current research interest lies especially in the field of the effects of online narratives in radicalisation processes.


Mustafa01Mustafa Ayanoğlu

Mustafa Ayanoğlu is an advisor and workshop supervisor in the areas of youth and refugee work, science, media relations, politics, and administration for the Bavaria Office. He also serves as the point of contact for Muslim communities.

He holds a degree in Islamic studies from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. During his studies, Mr. Ayanoğlu dealt with theological, legal, and social issues of Islam. Islam and Muslims in the European context and new perspectives for Muslim youths in youth work took centre stage in his work

Most recently, Mr. Ayanoğlu worked as a youth coordinator for the State of Hesse’s model project “Hessische Muslime für Demokratie und Vielfalt!” (Hessian Muslims for Democracy and Diversity!). He also worked as an assistant researcher at the Institute for Islamic Culture and Religion Studies at Goethe University.

Pierre Asisi

Pierre Asisi works as project manager in „kiez:story – ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst“. In this project young people have the possibility to search for historic traces in their own community und tell their own stories. He previously was a research associate in the project „Bildmachen – Politische Bildung und Medienpädagogik zur Prävention religiös-extremistischer Ansprachen in Sozialen Medien“. He has worked in social projects with young refugees in Berlin and developed measures to support refugees in the fields of education and employment. Pierre studied Political Sciences in Vienna and works on questions of international migration, racism and prevention of radicalisation.


Porträtfoto Regnia Graf; Bild: privatRegina Graf

pedagogical-scientific associate of the department in Bavaria


Sakina Abushi

Sakina Abushi is a graduate of Middle Eastern Studies and research associate at’s Berlin headquarters. She is responsible for communicating ufuq’s experiences and insights through publications and the website. Abushi studied Middle Eastern Studies, Economics and Political Science in Berlin, Cairo, Ramallah and Damascus.

Prior to joining, she was a project coordinator in the field of political education for the German Institute for International and Security Affairs and the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

She lived and worked in Morocco from 2015 to 2017, coordinating the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung’s projects related to migration and refugees, trying to show the effects of European migration policies on refugees south of the Mediterranean.


Serpil01 Serpil Dursun

Serpil Dursun coordinates the Bavaria office and is responsible for the planning and design of workshops at the Bavaria Office. She also serves as a point of contact for Muslim communities.

Dursun trained as a teacher (English, history, ethics, Turkish, and German as a second language) for college preparatory schools.

She gathered extensive experience working with children and adolescents at various schools.


Porträtfoto Thy Le; Bild: privatThy Le

Thy Le is studying Area Studies Asia/Africa (B. A.) at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and works as a student assistant for the Berlin office for pedagogy between Islam, anti-Muslim racism and Islamism and as editorial support for the website.

Before that she worked on an audio archive project on memory cultures and contemporary history of Vietnamese migration history in (East) Berlin.


Fotos: © Zainab Chahrour, 2015