What we offer

Ufuq.de is a point of contact in Germany for educational practice and prevention surrounding the topics of Islam, racism, and radicalisation. We can draw on comprehensive expertise and a wealth of experience acquired over the years from conducting our own projects and training educators in various fields. At the same time, we also take advantage of insights provided by our cooperation partners and the findings of current specialist research. Since 2007 we have been involved in several European projects aimed at transferring knowledge and expertise in the field.

Consultations and Training

Our many years of experience with civic education and preventive work forms the basis of our consultations and training courses we offer to schools, the non-formal education sector, municipal administrations, associations, foundations, and political institutions.

Key aspects of our work include enhancing competences to deal with the lifeworlds of young Muslims and recognizing the different forms which Muslim religious beliefs can take as well as the societal influences that shape the day-to-day life of young Muslims.

The objective of the programmes we offer is to facilitate discussions concerning identity and religiousness, foster resilience, prevent anti-democratic attitudes and radicalisation,  and promote an acceptance and acknowledgment of cultural and religious diversity in education and youth work. We regard the empowerment of youngsters as the key to prevention.


Religion, racism, and radicalisation are difficult topics that have become increasingly relevant in pedagogical work and prevention. This is why we work with various cooperation partners in an effort to transfer the project concepts and experiences to other cities and contexts. This includes the “How do we want to live?” team workshops as well as the experiences gathered as part of our online outreach work with young Muslims in the area of peer education.

Various forms of cooperation are possible. We would be pleased to inform you of our methods and offer assistance in relaying and advancing these approaches.

Materials and Handouts

Our experiences gained from our training sessions and consultation but also our project work are the basis for the materials and handouts we develop for use in educational practice. The enormous interest in our film packages (Wie wollen wir leben? and Mitreden!), produced in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, has encouraged us to take on additional themes and issues and process these in various formats (videos, online material, handouts) for our youth outreach activities.

Here we are thinking primarily about practitioners. Our guidebooks on prevention work with refugees and civic education in social media offer concrete suggestions on how to engage youngsters and young adults when it comes to questions of identity, religion, international conflicts or participation.

We also provide conceptual cooperation to assist you in planning your own publications, and we also welcome your articles relating to the themes we address.