Protest, provocation and propaganda – training, guidance, and consultations for Berlin-based educators on the prevention of Islamism

The heated debate about Islam and Muslims in Germany affects day to day life in schools in Berlin. Teachers and educators frequently tell us about discussions and disputes they have had with their students. offers consultation and training for these educators and tries to offer them the tools they need to cope with these discussions in a positive manner.

Salafism and radicalisation in Germany – a topic for schools and education

The departure of young people to fight in Syria and Iraq has become a topic at many schools. Salafist indoctrination becomes a problem even before young people begin to call for violence. Social pressure, rigid worldviews and enemy images negatively impact the classroom climate and challenge instructors. ‘A critical approach in prevention work consists in recognizing your pupils’ faith in Islam and reinforcing them in their German-Muslim identity; this helps insulate them against the victim ideology propagated by Salafists’, according to Götz Nordbruch.

New Attitudes towards Discontent: The Need for Prevention Work Encompassing the Whole Society

In his article on the concept of prevention work that encompasses all of society, Sindyan Qasem writes: ‘Only by our acknowledgment of the unease, fear and anger of Muslim youths can we expect them to take the step of questioning their own black-and-white thinking and enemy images’. In order to work against anti-democratic positions that are hostile to freedom we need to be willing to take the experiences of young Muslims seriously and to address them in educational work.

Twilight and Civic Education: The ‘Dialog macht Schule’ (Dialogue Sets a Precedence) Mentoring Program

Trained dialogue moderators from the ‘Dialog macht Schule’ mentoring program spend two hours a week in classrooms where they work with young people in a participatory dialogue manner to address topics such as homeland, racism and justice. Currently the program is active in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover and Stuttgart. Civic education work like this also contributes to preventive work, as explained by the program’s founders Hassan Asfour and Siamak Ahmadi in an interview with Aylin Yavas.

‘What are you posting?’ Online civic education with young Muslims

‘What are you posting? Civic education with young Muslims online’ is a pilot project sponsored by the Robert Bosch Foundation. As part of this project, we take advantage of the experiences gained in the team workshops and transfer them to social networks. In this project, we develop content and civic education strategies in Web 2.0 and draw on the current issues that young Muslim-socialized individuals grapple with in their everyday lives. This project promotes and initiates reflection processes and indicates possibilities for participating in and shaping society. The project thus does its part in preempting radicalization processes, which are largely characterized by alienation and experiences of powerlessness.