Salafism and radicalisation in Germany – a topic for schools and education

The departure of young people to fight in Syria and Iraq has become a topic at many schools. Salafist indoctrination becomes a problem even before young people begin to call for violence. Social pressure, rigid worldviews and enemy images negatively impact the classroom climate and challenge instructors. ‘A critical approach in prevention work consists in recognizing your pupils’ faith in Islam and reinforcing them in their German-Muslim identity; this helps insulate them against the victim ideology propagated by Salafists’, according to Götz Nordbruch.

New Attitudes towards Discontent: The Need for Prevention Work Encompassing the Whole Society

In his article on the concept of prevention work that encompasses all of society, Sindyan Qasem writes: ‘Only by our acknowledgment of the unease, fear and anger of Muslim youths can we expect them to take the step of questioning their own black-and-white thinking and enemy images’. In order to work against anti-democratic positions that are hostile to freedom we need to be willing to take the experiences of young Muslims seriously and to address them in educational work.

More than Sports: Türkiyemspor Berlin Women’s Soccer Team

Since 2004, the Türkiyemspor Berlin e.V. club also has a department for girls and women. While soccer takes center stage, the individuals who run the club intent to reach out further. The club sees sports as an opportunity to launch discussions about the everyday issues facing girls and women and also promotes greater societal involvement. Aylin Yavaş met the co-heads, Giovanna Krüger and Murat Doğan, and spoke with them about the motley and colorful women’s soccer offered at Türkiyemspor Berlin.

Peer-workshops “How do we want to live?”

Our workshops “How do we want to live?” offer a starting point for discussions on religion, identity and belonging amoung young people. The workshops encourage young Muslims to become active members of the society and aim at preventin anti-muslim sentiments, hatred and racism in the society as a whole. Our experience shows: who wants to talk about islamism should also adress the topic of anti-muslim racism. Our young teamers work with short videos and facilitate the discussion that follows. The videos touch subjects like Islam, Democracy, Human Rights, Sharia, Gender, Islamism, Salafisms und Jihadism. Religiously motivated Antisemitism as well as anti-Muslim populism and the participation of young Muslims in the society are topics as well.