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Prevention Work in Schools: The Kids Are All Right

Experiences of discrimination and marginalisation are widespread among young Muslims in Germany. Mistrust and exclusion create a climate in which radicalisation becomes possible. Jochen Müller stresses the importance of addressing these issues in education.

The discussion on teachers with headscarfs in Berlin takes a new turn

Wearing a headscarf as a teacher is no longer considered a disqualifier, or ‘knock-out criterion’, in many federal states in Germany. Ever since the Federal Constitutional Court overturned the headscarf ban, vacancies in schools and for public administration staff are increasingly being filled by women who wear headscarves. Not in Berlin, however, where the so-called ‘Neutrality Law’ still applies. But for how much longer? So far, a unified stance has been elusive in the newly-elected Berlin Senate and thus the debate continues. This topic is, of course, well-suited for discussions with students. ufuq.de’s Julia Gerlach has compiled the most important facts, arguments and background information.

Highlighting Alternatives – videos and educational material for preventing radicalisation

As part of the “Highlighting Alternatives!” project (Alternativen aufzeigen!), we have created short films and exercises to support pedagogical work with students in grades 5 and up concerning Islam, racism, democracy, and Islamism. The films tap into current issues and developments in the media affecting youths and show the differing perspectives. The films and accompanying exercises do not seek to deliver simple answers. Instead they show that there are a number of diverse viewpoints and ideas when it comes to dealing with such issues. This comes with the invitation to develop one’s own point of view.

More than Sports: Türkiyemspor Berlin Women’s Soccer Team

Since 2004, the Türkiyemspor Berlin e.V. club also has a department for girls and women. While soccer takes center stage, the individuals who run the club intent to reach out further. The club sees sports as an opportunity to launch discussions about the everyday issues facing girls and women and also promotes greater societal involvement. Aylin Yavaş met the co-heads, Giovanna Krüger and Murat Doğan, and spoke with them about the motley and colorful women’s soccer offered at Türkiyemspor Berlin.

Facets of religiousness among young Muslims – proposals for collective identity, spirituality and orientation

‘I’ve been working at this school for 25 years and now, suddenly, I have to talk about God all the time!’ This is what a Berlin-based teacher reports with astonishment about the growing interest of her students in religious issues during her civic education lessons. Up until a few years ago it was hardly a topic in her school in Berlin’s Neukölln district; now her predominantly Muslim students bring religious points of view into the classroom time and again.