Highlighting Alternatives – videos and educational material for preventing radicalisation

For the “Highlighting Alternatives!” project (Alternativen aufzeigen!), we have created short films and exercises to support pedagogical work with students in grades five and up that focus on Islam, racism, democracy, and radicalisation. These films tap into current issues and developments that youths find themselves confronted with in the media and depict the differing perspectives. However, the films and accompanying exercises do not attempt to deliver easy answers. Instead they show that there are diverse viewpoints and ideas when dealing with such issues.

Comedy module: Is it possible to change the world using humour? Making fun of prejudices, discrimination, and ISIS

alternativen aufzeigenComedy is popular among many young people. We present three comedians in short videos who address serious questions using humour. The videos serve as a starting point for discussions with adolescents relating to difficult topics: experience with discrimination and exclusion, religion, radicalisation, or the so-called “Islamic State”. They encourage young people to think about the possibilities and limits of humour and to reflect on the options available to them. What can they do to take action?

The video series begins by introducing viewers to Ususmango, one of the founders of RebellComedy, as well as YouTube comedian Jilet Ayse and Younes Al-Amayra from the Muslim comedy group Datteltäter (a play on words combining the words “dates” with “assassins”). This group is well-known for “launching friendly attacks on prejudices”. So how can you make fun of serious topics?

In the second series of videos, the three protagonists are introduced in greater detail. They talk about their comedic goals, personal experiences, and the topics that move and motivate them.

In the third series of videos, adolescents discuss the three comedians’ sketches and talk about their own experiences. These videos serve as additional input for educational practice.

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Refugees module: The debate surrounding refugees – how will Germany be changed?

alternativen aufzeigenThe first part is about refugees. It addresses many of the questions that are relevant for young people: Who are the refugees? Who are the people helping them? And what is the role of media in the whole debate? More topics are in the making and will be published on this website as soon as they are ready. All of the videos are available online and are accompanied by additional worksheets and ideas on how to use them in school and afterschool activities.

This film module focusses on the current debate surrounding asylum and the issue of whether and how these new developments will change Germany. Four short films put a spotlight on various aspects of this question: Who is this discussion about? Who is allowed to join and shape the discussion? Who is getting involved and in what way? How do politicians, residents of Germany, and regular youths view what is going on right now? What is the role of the media? What kind of coexistence are we striving for? What is will happen next – and what are we hoping for?

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