Ongoing projects

BRIDGE-Projekt – Building resilience to reduce polarisation and the rise of extremism is partner of the European project BRIDGE – Building resilience to reduce polarisation and growing extremism (January 2019 – December 2020). The objective of the BRIDGE project is to understand the dynamics of polarisation, to raise awareness among local stakeholders and strengthen their capacity to reduce collective vulnerability to radicalisation by way of mitigating and managing polarisation.

Highlighting Alternatives – videos and educational material for preventing radicalisation

As part of the “Highlighting Alternatives!” project (Alternativen aufzeigen!), we have created short films and exercises to support pedagogical work with students in grades 5 and up concerning Islam, racism, democracy, and Islamism. The films tap into current issues and developments in the media affecting youths and show the differing perspectives. The films and accompanying exercises do not seek to deliver simple answers. Instead they show that there are a number of diverse viewpoints and ideas when it comes to dealing with such issues. This comes with the invitation to develop one’s own point of view.

Protest, provocation and propaganda – training, guidance, and consultations for Berlin-based educators on the prevention of Islamism

The heated debate about Islam and Muslims in Germany affects day to day life in schools in Berlin. Teachers and educators frequently tell us about discussions and disputes they have had with their students. offers consultation and training for these educators and tries to offer them the tools they need to cope with these discussions in a positive manner.

Peer-workshops “How do we want to live?”

Our workshops “How do we want to live?” offer a starting point for discussions on religion, identity and belonging amoung young people. The workshops encourage young Muslims to become active members of the society and aim at preventin anti-muslim sentiments, hatred and racism in the society as a whole. Our experience shows: who wants to talk about islamism should also adress the topic of anti-muslim racism. Our young teamers work with short videos and facilitate the discussion that follows. The videos touch subjects like Islam, Democracy, Human Rights, Sharia, Gender, Islamism, Salafisms und Jihadism. Religiously motivated Antisemitism as well as anti-Muslim populism and the participation of young Muslims in the society are topics as well.

Peer Education Program to Accompany the bpd Exhibition “So, what do you believe?”

The touring exhibition „What do you believe?! Muslims in Germany“ was conceived and designed by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education. It travels to schools and public institutions. Over the past few years, the exhibition was shown in Berlin, Bonn, Kiel, Hamburg, Bremen, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Dresden and Magdeburg, for example. The exhibition is geared at students from grades five and up. It features the facets of Islam and the everyday life of Muslims in Germany.

Local Institutions against Extremism

The project “Local Initiatives against Extremism” brings eight European cities together to devise prevention- and deradicalization measures at the municipal level. In doing so the project, which is run by the European Forum for Urban Security and sponsored by the EU, addresses not only forms of violent right-wing and Islamic radicalism but also football hooliganism and gang violence.