BRIDGE-Projekt – Building resilience to reduce polarisation and the rise of extremism is partner of the European project BRIDGE – Building resilience to reduce polarisation and growing extremism (January 2019 – December 2020).

The objective of the BRIDGE project is to understand the dynamics of polarisation, to raise awareness among local stakeholders and strengthen their capacity to reduce collective vulnerability to radicalisation by way of mitigating and managing polarisation.

Polarisation can be understood as a process of sharpening differences between groups in society that can result in increased tensions. It is a potential amplifying cause of the diverse psychological and social factors that make people vulnerable to radicalisation and extremist ideologies.

Tools to assess and monitor polarisation at the local level are developed and local polarisation audits conducted in 13 municipalities.

As a result of the assessments, targeted prevention actions to mitigate the phenomenon of polarisation at the local level are developed in the 13 local authorities.

Through assessments and implementation of pilot actions, policy recommendations are produced and shared in a publication and webinars.

The European forum for urban security (Efus) is the leader of the project

Brussels (BE), Departmental council of Val d’Oise (FR), Düsseldorf (DE), Government of Catalonia (ES), Genk (BE), Igoumenitsa (GR), Leuven (BE), Reggio Emilia (IT), Region of Umbria (IT), Rotterdam (NL), Terrassa (ES), Stuttgart (DE), Vaulx-en-Velin (FR), (DE), Real Instituto Elcano (ES)

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