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Protest, provocation and propaganda – training, guidance, and consultations for Berlin-based educators on the prevention of Islamism

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The heated debate about Islam and Muslims in Germany affects day to day life in schools in Berlin. Teachers and educators frequently tell us about discussions and disputes they have had with their students. Ufuq.de offers consultation and training for these educators and tries to offer them the tools they need to cope with these discussions in a positive manner.

Peer Education Program to Accompany the bpd Exhibition “So, what do you believe?”


The touring exhibition „What do you believe?! Muslims in Germany“ was conceived and designed by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education. It travels to schools and public institutions. Over the past few years, the exhibition was shown in Berlin, Bonn, Kiel, Hamburg, Bremen, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Dresden and Magdeburg, for example. The exhibition is geared at students from grades five and up. It features the facets of Islam and the everyday life of Muslims in Germany.